“Popular Science” looked at Google Trends to figure out the five smells around that house that Americans hate the most. Here they are . . . 1.  When a skunk sprayed outside and you can smell it in your house. 2.  Mildew on your clothes. 3.  Cigarette smoke on your clothes. 4.  Gasoline on your […]

We all have things we saw our parents do and vowed not to. Well, in adulthood those tables can turn. Like owning a minivan. Matt and Ramona both have experiences where it turned out that while not sexy on the outside, minivans offer a lot of conveniences and luxuries on the inside. Other things that […]

TheDailyMeal.com recently ranked 11 fast food places on the best ice cubes . . . and it’s just as strange as you’d imagine. Sonic is #1, with “perfect” ice.  They aren’t cubes, they’re “nuggets” that are “crunchable,” but are still hard enough that they don’t melt too quickly. Chick-fil-A is second, because their ice chills […]

Producer for Matt & Ramona and corgi enthusiast Liz is an avid follower and fan of the Charlotte Corgi Club. This past weekend the club held an event with the Charlotte Checkers that hosted corgis on the ice. Technically it was the AHL team’s “Pooch Party” but I’d like to focus on the corgi race […]

Matt found a study about what gets overshared on social media and he expressed his rules for how couples can post that they love each other. It will not surprise you that Ramona and JD invite all the social media proclamations of love and public displays of affection. As well as every possible picture of […]

In a new poll, 51% of pet owners say they think they could sell merchandise of their pet to other people.  And 33% of pet owners have ALREADY designed their own pet “merch.” That may seem high . . . and delusional . . . but 36% of pet owners have set up dedicated social […]

What’s the top thing people OVERSHARE on social media?  A new poll looked into it, and the top answer probably won’t surprise you.  But the rest are interesting.  Here are the top ten things we overshare . . . 1.  Political views.  53% of us think people overshare about politics. 2.  Mundane daily life.  Like […]

Alex Murdaugh was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences for the murders of his wife, Maggie, and his son, Paul. Creighton Waters was the lead prosecutor on the Alex Murdaugh double homicide trial. Waters’ team succeeded in getting a conviction of Alex for murdering his wife and son. Creighton Waters joined the show and gave […]

Listen to the latest Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast! Matt found relationship rules that might not fit every couple and some are definitely head-scratchers. With Ramona sitting the pod out, Matt, Liz and JD talked about how some couples find it helps to deescalate an argument by fighting naked. Other topics discussed include how […]

For some it’s a day to get decked out in all green (and drink green beer), for others it’s more minimal effort. According to a new survey, about HALF of us are planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in some way, and 80% of those people plan to wear green today.  Of course, for some […]