Today we learn that Ramona has never eaten pumpkin pie (insanity!), won’t eat anything pumpkin (ridiculousness!) and that she eats teeny tiny bites of candy corn which might even more ludicrous than everything else I just typed. Also meet Lonnie! Our fill-in producer who stepped in admirably for an under-the-weather JD. He and Ramona have […]

Basking in the Parisian glow ever since she returned from her first ever trip to France, Ramona has realized her life may need more steps. Also on the podcast, we cover candy corn as a pizza topper and are you normal if you’ve ever drank sugar in warm milk. Listen now!

Ramona frequently refers to herself as an indoors human. Well, she spent the weekend outdoors. Kind of. And glamourously . Yup. Ramona went glamping. It involved a glamping guru, a fancy RV and a pretty impressive menu. But there were obstacles. We’ll allow you to hear them from yourself. Also, on the podcast: RIP refrigerator […]

On our latest installment of the Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast, Matt asks the pertinent question: Do you wash your bananas? Keep it clean, people, we’re talking produce. But as you’ve come to expect, it devolves into laughter. We discuss driving in silence and being over-messaged. You can also get details about the cause […]

There are certain things that are known. The earth spins on its axis. The sun rises and sets. And Ramona will always drive everywhere cautiously. As a passenger recently, hanging on for what sounds like dear life and not having her directions adhered to, her personal (and careful driving) choices were confirmed. Also her anxiety […]

The WFNZ Dog House was the place to bee (pun intended) for the Pre Bee Block Party prior to the Beyoncé concert in Charlotte last night. Matt, Ramona and JD were in attendance and thanks to Matt, his dad-bod and the electric slide… Things got awkward. What saved Matt? His emotional support human! a.k.a his […]

Matt and Ramona

How early mornings and mom’s late-stage dementia led radio star to leave ‘Matt & Ramona’ The Charlotte Observer’s Theoden Janes interviewed Ramona Holloway about her move to a new postion within Radio One Charlotte. From the article: “As soon as the surprise announcement was made last Monday that Charlotte radio station The Mix 107.9 (WLNK-FM) […]


If you think things that are tiny are cute, get ready to go crazy! Pearl now wears the tiny little crown as officially the world’s shortest living dog. Pearl is a two year old chihuahua from Orlando, FL. Imagine a popsicle stick, not imagine it’s a dog. Yes, Pearl is shorter than a popsicle stick, […]


Did your parents . . . or your friends’ parents . . . have any weird rules when you were growing up?  Someone online asked people to name the weirdest rules they had as kids.  Here are the highlights . . . 1.  A mom told her kids NOT to cover their mouth when they […]

All are welcome! Pets, people, animal lovers and friends can all join Ramona and Liz at Humane Society of Charlotte’s fundraising walk and community festival. It’s Saturday, April 1 from 11am to 3pm at their Animal Resource Center. While rain is expected to start the monring, it’s forecasted to move out of area before noon. […]