How long would you say it takes you to get food from the fridge and warm it up in a microwave? Well on this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona, Matt says it takes entirely too much time so he’ll eat Mac & Cheese cold! Brigida Mack fills in for Ramona and thinks […]

For this segment on the Matt & Ramona show, Ramona talks about what are some of the secrets that married couples keep from their single friends. She ask Matt who is married some of the things that he himself keeps a secret with his wife as a married couple.

On today’s Matt & Ramona Clip of the day Matt & Eric face off in a knock knock joke contest. Each of them tell a joke and Ramona picks a winner for who has the best joke. Ramona is not impressed due to the fact that the jokes are terrible. Make sure to tune in […]

For this segment on the Matt & Ramona Show, Matt gives a list of movies on what you can binge watch this weekend! The list of movies that he names are “Free Guy” starring Ryan Reynolds, “Don’t Breathe 2” and “Respect” starring Jennifer Hudson. Make sure to check out the Matt & Ramona Show Monday-Friday […]

Matt talks about the interview he had with the creator of the famous TV show Law and Order who goes by the name of Dick Wolf. Matt goes into detail about how this interview happened by Matt getting exposure from doing his true crime podcast. Ramona chimes in and asks what outfit did he wear […]

Today on the Matt & Ramona Show we celebrated a very special Leo for her birthday today by the name of Ramona Holloway! Matt and Eric show their appreciation to her by bringing in her favorite snack which is Goldfish and a bag with many different packs of gum!! Check out the Matt & Ramona […]

On today’s Clip Of The Day for the Matt & Ramona show, Squatch and Eric team up against Matt in listener feud. Ramona and Matt thought it would be a very competitive game after Squatch and Eric beat Ramona last week. However Squatch and Eric fell short after giving ridiculous answers that made Ramona laugh […]

SHOPPING!!!!Now that I’ve got your attention, I need to remind you that it is tax free #BackToSchool shopping weekend in South Carolina. Everything a student might need to get back to the business of learning will be exempt from the 6% SC sales tax. Local taxes are wiped out too. A 6% off sale isn’t […]

On this segment of the Matt & Ramona Show, Ramona, Eric and Squatch joke with Matt about the way he shaved his beard. Matt says he did it by accident which forced him to shave more hair than he would’ve liked. Don’t forget to tune in for the Matt & Ramona show from 6am-10am only […]

On this segment of the Matt & Ramona show,  Ramona remembers that Squatch parents are out of town so the studio decides to joke around with him on having a young lady come over to join him. Eric and Matt claim he will only have a lady come over to play video games with him. […]