Matt and Ramona are joined on the podcast by Liz Drabick. Liz is the newest memeber of the Matt and Ramona team. She’s not completely new, she was a M & R producer, 20 years ago. Liz tells us about what happened the last day of her internship. It was ridiculous! M & R come […]

GasBuddy examined drives in the top 50 cities in the United States, looking for fast acceleration, hard braking and speeding. Then they made a list of the cities with the “naughtiest” and “nicest” holiday season drivers. The NICE LIST is:  Portland, Oregon . . . Cincinnati, Ohio . . . Seattle . . . Las […]

Buzzfeed put together a list of the best TikTok life hacks of 2022 . 1.  A guy shares a Navy SEAL trick for getting the perfect, eight-minute power nap.  It’s basically just lying on your back on the floor, with your legs elevated. 2.  If you didn’t know that you could switch the way that your dryer […]


It wouldn’t be shocking to order a ham and cheese sandwich . . . but what about a ham and CREAM cheese? The Uber Eats delivery service released a list of the most “unexpected food combos” people ordered this year . . . and ham and cream cheese was one of them. Here’s the rest […]


McDonald’s released its annual report on the most popular menu items of the year.  The top three were French fries, cheeseburgers, and McChickens.  Fries were #1 in all 50 states. Thousands of Americans ate at least 100 BIG MACS this year. Over 5,000 people have ordered Big Macs or McNuggets at least 100 times.  And […]

Awww..Memories! What was the top holiday toy from the year you were born? How much did it cost? Here are a few years… 1920 Raggedy Anne doll, 1930 Mickey Mouse doll 1940 Red Ryder BB Gun 1950 Magic 8 Ball 1960 Etch A Sketch 1970 Nerf Ball 1980 Rubik’s Cube 1985 Teddy Ruxpin 1990 Teenage […]

Matt Harris and Seton Tucker host the podcast, Impact of Influence: The Murdaugh Family Murders. For over a year, Seton and Matt, have been covering the saga of Alex Murdaugh. He is charged with murdering his wife and son. Legal analyst, John Snyder, joins the podcast to breakdown the latest motions from Alex Murdaugh’s defense […]

The Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast is 10-15 minutes of an unfiltered off air conversation. In this episode we talked about the rudest things sports fan can do at a game. That includes standing the whole game, cutting in line, and bad trash talk. Plus, we share stories of rough behavior we witnessed. Producer, […]

When did you hang your Christmas lights? 4,000 people were asked when they usually do it, and when people SHOULD start decorating.  This past weekend was a popular answer for both. 23% said they normally put them up in the first week of December.  And most people agree it’s appropriate once December hits.  Only 15% […]

Another episode of the Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast dropped. So, get ready to laugh. The episodes are 12-15 minutes of ridiculous Matt & Ramona that you did not hear on air. In this episode, you will be surprised to hear what Matt would find under his Christmas tree when he was a kid. […]