Is having breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day romantic . . . or a horror show?  It depends who you ask.  And what the food is. In a new poll, 44% of people said eating in bed is romantic, although 39% said that’s mainly BREAKFAST in bed . . . not other meals. 22% said […]

Have you ever looked back on a song you used to sing-along to, and realize it’s actually about SEX?  Well, thanks to a thread on Reddit, here’s a list of those types of songs: 1.  “Wannabe”,  Spice Girls:  “Zig-a-zig-ah is an o, apparently.” 2.  “Like a Prayer”,  Madonna:  “I just realized a couple of weeks ago that [it’s] about [oral sex]. […]

It’s another fun Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast episode. Ramona really really wants to go to her neighbor’s big game party! The problem is she has not been invited. Uh-Oh The gang talks about how she can go about getting an invite. There are many sad theories brought up. Listen to hear the conclusion […]

Alex Murdaugh’s wife and son were found brutally murdered in June of 2021. Now Alex stands trial for those murders. In this episode Matt and Seton discuss a major ruling that will help the prosecution’s case. Alex’s mother’s caretaker took the stand. Her testimony was riveting. Alex has maintained he was at his mother’s house […]

Seniors at The Villages retirement community in Florida are supposedly tying LOOFAHS to the tops of their cars to let people know they’re SWINGERS. Different colors are supposed to mean different things.  For example, a purple loofah on your roof rack means you like to watch.  And a teal loofah means you swing both ways. […]

Matt and Seton have been covering Alex Murdaugh and all that surounds the family for almost two years. Alex Murdaugh has been charged with murdering his wife and son. The trial is getting national and international attention. Seton and Matt have been attending the trial. In this episode, they discuss the videos that have come […]

In this episode of The Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast, we talk about a list of horrible places women have been taken on dates. The list is pretty insane and it includes a funeral, an underpass, and the guy’s mom’s house. Let us know if you have ever had a date take you somewhere […]

In this episode of the Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast, they discuss their theories on the difference between venting and complaining. Ramona has a clear point where venting becomes complaining and Matt believes it how the person presents the issue. Tell us how you feel on the Matt and Ramona Facebook page. Plus, Matt […]

Annoying trends will fade away into obscurity . . . eventually.  There’s a thread online where people are talking about cultural things that “quietly went away without anyone noticing.”  They include: 1.  Waterbeds 2.  Facebook “poke wars” 3.  “When you turned off the TV, how the image would shrink to a dot before slowly fading […]

A bigger vocabulary can help build your self esteem and make others find you more interesting. Here are some synonyms you can use to replace common words. Aghast (in place of “shocked”) Adore (in place of “love”) Cunning (in place of “clever”) Utterly (in place of “literally”) Egregious (in place of “awful”) Exasperated (in place […]