For some it’s a day to get decked out in all green (and drink green beer), for others it’s more minimal effort. According to a new survey, about HALF of us are planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in some way, and 80% of those people plan to wear green today.  Of course, for some […]


Michael Dewitt grew up in the hometown of the Murdaugh’s, Hampton, SC. He is the longtime editor of the Hampton County Guardian. He has been covering the Murdaugh family for decades. His coverage of the murders of Maggie and Paul and Alex’s trial though Ganett’s nationwide network put him on the national radar. He has […]

Matt and Ramona

Want to learn more about the Shelby, NC native and farmer/rancher that’s on Fox’s new reality show? Ryan Black who joined Matt & Ramona who talks about his journey on “Farmer Wants A Wife.” The first episode aired last week and you can catch it every Wednesday at 9 PM on Fox Charlotte. Black studied […]

Do you have rules for how to split checks and share food when you go out to eat? On the very latest Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast, Matt found a poll that says two thirds of people asked will not go out to eat again with someone who wants to share their food. Then […]

The historic Latta Arcade is getting an uptown update. Located at 320 South Tryon Street, there are plans to make it a fancy food court and to re-brand it as The Alley at Latta Arcade. Their Instagram account describes it as a destination for elevated “street eats” with new and diverse options. Expect it to […]

A Northlake area nightclub gets a glow up care of Jon Taffer and “Bar Rescue” in an episode which will air on March 19. What was formerly 360 Lounge Reloaded is now Rio Ultra Lounge thanks to the tv show’s makeover. Among the things the show revamped: they re-did the décor, upgraded the lighting, changed […]


Etiquette experts discussed what are the rudest things you can do at a baby shower. Here are five off the list. Embarrassing the Honoree: “Remember it’s a baby shower, not a roast” Getting Drunk: Don’t get wasted! Don’t Share ChildBirth Horror Stories: “Avoid stories about difficult deliveries and hard labor issues” Going Off-Registry: “The new […]

On the latest Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast, Ramona goes on a wild goose chase trying to get into a sporting event. Anyone who’s taken a handbag, baby bag or oversized bag  to a sporting event knows this pain… Sometimes the instructions aren’t clear, maybe you were on your way from somewhere else or […]

Form your walk team and sign up now! On April 1, you can walk with Pet Palooza hosted by Humane Society of Charlotte. You can start a team, walk solo or simply donate to the fundraising walk. It starts at 10am and will feature live music, food trucks, pet-loving vendors and fun for the whole […]


Alex Murdaugh was convicted of murdering his wife and son. However; the story is not over. Court TV’s Chanley Painter joined the podcast to talk about the big interviews she landed after the trial. She talked with attorneys on both sides of the trial, first responders, and Maggie’s nail tech. Chanley gives us the new […]