Annoying trends will fade away into obscurity . . . eventually.  There’s a thread online where people are talking about cultural things that “quietly went away without anyone noticing.”  They include: 1.  Waterbeds 2.  Facebook “poke wars” 3.  “When you turned off the TV, how the image would shrink to a dot before slowly fading […]


Awww..Memories! What was the top holiday toy from the year you were born? How much did it cost? Here are a few years… 1920 Raggedy Anne doll, 1930 Mickey Mouse doll 1940 Red Ryder BB Gun 1950 Magic 8 Ball 1960 Etch A Sketch 1970 Nerf Ball 1980 Rubik’s Cube 1985 Teddy Ruxpin 1990 Teenage […]

  Drew Barrymore and Tom Green, who used to be married, reunited on her hit TV show.  “We have not seen each other face-to-face, actually, in almost 20 years,” Drew said about her and her ex.  They reminisced, and Drew called the meeting an “Out-of-body experience.” After Drew called the sit-down weird, Tom said, “Not […]