(The opinions here are those of Ramona Holloway and do not necessarily represent those of the staff, management or ownership of MIX 107.9) My name is Ramona Holloway. I’m a childhood sexual abuse survivor who supports the bravery of Nikki Wombwell, a graduate of Myers Park High School. Nikki was known by the courts as […]

First and foremost, Carl Nassib for just being his damn self! It takes a huge amount of courage and bravery to let the world know who you are. Nassib of the Las Vegas Raiders, told the world last week he was gay! Making him the first active NFL player, that we know of, to do […]

Duncan Laurence grew up in Hellevoetsluis, The Netherlands, a population of only 40k people.  Which inspired the title of his new album  A True ‘Small Town Boy’! I got the chance to chat with him and wow! Duncan is such a great role model. In our interview, he shares his story of overcoming bullies and […]

What a tease!!!! Yesterday Bank of America Stadium tweeted a hint about a major concert coming to Queen City. All we could see on the big screen, where the Carolina Panthers play, was a giant letter ‘E’. Fans of the ‘Rocket Man’ immediately recognized it as the same ‘E’ with a star that you see […]


A recent survey asked people to choose the foods they would not order on a first date. Here’s the list: FOOD BRITS AVOID ON A FIRST DATE: Oysters Mussels Sushi Ribs Lobster Chicken wings Corn on the cob Garlic bread Spaghetti Bolognese Crab The survey asked Brits, so there would be a slightly different list […]

TJ Olsen,  the heart of Panther Nation, rang the bell yesterday at Levine Children’s Hospital. The son of former Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen was celebrating the best gift EVER. Nearly two weeks ago he received a new heart. Greg Olsen on Twitter“Since the day TJ was admitted into the ICU we talked about […]

WOOF! WOOF! On today’s episode of the Matt and Ramona OFF AIR Podcast, Ramona discusses the intimate relationship that her mother Wheezy has with her 16-year-old dog Henri and how inseparable they are when they both see each other. Also Matt and Ramona discuss a very SPICY topic on the use of private dungeon rooms […]

Summer!! Yippee!! Well, that jubilant feeling lasts, for parents, about 6.3 days. Then those same kids that were dancing and burning old papers and work books (okay, maybe a bit extreme but you get where I’m going) will say the dreaded, “I’m bored!”

Lumber prices have tripled during the pandemic. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police and the York County Sheriff’s office have both reported an increase in lumber thefts. Lumber thieves have hit a Rock Hill couple’s dream home construction site three times. Michelle didn’t share her last name or address with WCNC but she did share security camera footage of […]

Listen to the podcast hear: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/matt-ramona-off-air/id141290508#episodeGuid=4f565daa-39ca-49aa-81f9-ad4300eb25d8 Ouchie! Ever had a cramp right below your chin? In this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona; Matt expresses his underrated pains starting with neck cramps. Max mentions about the pain of scooters breaking ankles back in the day and Eric says that heterosexual males should be […]