On this segment of the Matt & Ramona Show, Ramona talks about intimate issues. She says that as a good partner you should certain details of the person that you are dating or married to. Ramona begins to ask Matt if he knows certain things about his wife. Don’t forget to tune in on Mix […]


LeBron James was paying attention when the folks who got the first peek at “Space Jam: A New Legacy” called the movie trash. But not only did professional movie critics give it the thumbs down, fans of the original film and of Michael Jordan hated it too Ramona Holloway, Max “Squatch” Truesdale and Eric Kelley, […]

Matt and Ramona

My 16 year old has been home for 16 months. My wife and I have sat around calculating how long it’s been since we had the house to ourselves. It’s become the new normal to have one of my daughters just “be around”. 


Lots of folks in the Carolinas are heading back to the office after more than a year of working from home. Bank of America, the Queen City’s 4th largest employer, wants vaccinated employees back at the office after Labor Day. But will employees who’ve enjoyed the comfort of working in sweatpants return to uptown Charlotte […]


Friday night, I had an amazing dinner at Salmeri’s Italian Kitchen, in Ft. Mill. One of the best dinners I have had in years. The portions were big, so my wife and I had nice size portions leftover. We put the delectable dishes in the back seat of the car and drove home. That night I dreamed about […]

“Eh, I don’t really feel like doing that at the moment”. Today on Matt and Ramona’s OFF AIR Podcast Matt gives us insight on what it is like to have a daughter that is brutally honest and is also lazy at times. Also Eric and Ramona are in a big disagreement with Matt about drinking […]

If you haven’t gotten the hang of the traffic circle yet then you might find the CFI confusing. The Continuous Flow Intersection, which some folks call a “crossover displaced left-turn” is transforming traffic at North Carolina Highway 16/Brookshire Boulevard and Mount Holly-Huntersville Road . If you need to turn across traffic coming from the opposite direction you […]

From Hurricane Hugo to Tropical Storm Elsa and every storm and heatwave in between, WBTV’s chief meteorologist Eric Thomas has been helping viewers weather the climate in the Metrolina area. But now he’s walking away from the green screen. The king of first alert weather has announced plans to retire after 33 years with channel […]

The real estate market is hotter than a car with black leather interior in the summertime. Homes are selling themselves practically overnight, but the bigger the price tag, the longer it is likely to linger as a listing. It looks like competition to find a home among multi-millionaires isn’t as stiff. If you plan to pay […]

Here’s what you missed today on Matt & Ramona in the morning! Would you rather Wednesday gets really interesting when Matt poses the question “Would you rather be with someone who is too sensitive or someone who is insensitive?” Comment below on which one you would rather choose!