A new survey has revealed a shocking fact about how adults in the U.S. are handling changes in the economy. According to the survey conducted by CNBC, six out of ten participants are living paycheck-to-paycheck. 80 percent of respondents make less than $50 thousand. Meanwhile, around 70 percent say that they feel stress regarding finances […]

    Under the terms of the settlement, more than 200,000 borrowers would no longer have to make payments on their student loans — and the money they’ve already paid would be refunded to them. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona describes the settlement as “fair and equitable for all parties,” adding it will deliver “billions of […]

  Here is something to consider before you lend your phone to a stranger. Rob Gilliam of Charlotte (NC) is out almost $45 hundred after lending his phone to a stranger in a bar. Most people will let someone use their phone out of kindness, but this may make people think twice. Apps are so […]

Sometimes Swiping right can be like a box chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get. A girl swiped right in WEST LA, meet a man named Ryan who introduced her to his mother in the same hour! The young lady was just casual looking for a potential mate and matched with Ryan. He […]

  Money, Money, Money, Money… MONEY!! That’s what Wheezy had on this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona. Ramona went thru Wheezy’s purse and found something that has her enraged! Plus Matt’s daughter is definitely is his kid for the warning she left about a tuna sandwich on this “dollar dollar bill y’all” […]

Americans are emerging from the pandemic in even greater debt, according to a new report from the Federal Reserve. This comes as no surprise to anyone. U.S. consumer debt topped $15.6 trillion in 2021, after a one-year spike of $1 trillion – the largest single-year gain on record since 2003. Most of that debt goes […]

Breaking into someone’s home is one thing but apologizing how it embarrassing it is another! In Santa Fe, New Mexico, a couple came home to be greeted by a man with AR-15’s and a apology on his lips. The burglary had slept, bathed, had beers and dined at the home before the owners got home! […]

Matt wanted to talk about what people are spending their money on but somehow we ended up on get Max a new wardrobe! Ramona and myself lit up at the opportunity to help, then the tables turn with Ramona taking Max shopping! I wanna go shopping too! Matt suggest they’ll take me to therapy instead! […]

MATT & RAMONA MORNINGS! It’s @EricKelleyII’s TTMR (That’s Totally Matt & Ramona) COUNTDOWN of 2021! Counting down the best episodes of OFF AIR podcast in 2021 w/ Matt & Ramona! Bringing in the NEW YEAR with the FUNNY! Here’s #6 White Rocks & #5 Grand Theft Auto! Episode: White Rocks White Rocks around your mailbox, […]

Miley Cyrus Makes Forbes Under 30 List Again. Not only is she on the list, she made the cover of Forbes. Quite an accomplishment to make the list once let alone repeatedly. Miley Cyrus has a place on the Forbes Under 30 list again.  The “Party in the U.S.A.” singer posted about the news on […]