Ever been to a county fair before? Ah. Yes. The deep fried oreos, the pie eating contest, games, and those contest for kids… oh those contest. The Wilson County Fair in Tennessee had this little guy breaking it down in a clogging contest and he did what had to be done! Even the other contestants […]

Did you just purchase a band t-shirt? Are band t-shirts an important part of your wardrobe? Well, if so, then you better check the rule book.   According to a survey, of “proud band tee owners, you should know at least ten songs from a band before you sport their shirt.  20% think you shouldn’t […]

Money doesn’t have to be the end all be all in this world. It’s okay to not spend all your coins on the latest and greatest. It’s okay to give a little to others that strive to make a great change in our world. It’s just money and this day shows us just that. Happy […]

“How does a taco say grace?”  “Lettuce Pray” Bwahaha! That’s good right? Well apparently it’s cringe worthy on this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona. Matt, as witty as he is, doesn’t like jokes and Ramona was NOT here for any of the jokes Eric told on National Tell A Joke Day. Plus, […]

To our surprise Matt Harris, as clever and witty as he is, does not tell jokes! Shocking right? Welp! We’ve got you covered on National Tell A Joke Day! Now, we’re not Bernie Mac or Jerry Sienfield, but we’ve got some of the best Dad jokes that the internet has to offer. We do warn […]

Charlotte taste-maker and influencer, Joey Hewell, is a gas station chicken fan and he’s not alone. For years local celebrities like Joey, WBTV reporter and documentarian Steve Crump and even our own Mix 107.9’s Ramona Holloway have been singing the praises of the delicious Southern fried poultry served up at gas stations.  Lots of folks […]

Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson were amongst the first celebrities to announce that they had, the now worldly dangerous, COVID-19. Granted, the two did not suffer drastically from the virus, but they were stuck in Australia for what seem to be forever and a day. Fast forward to today, their son, Chet Hanks […]

Matt made a boo boo on his face and no, not the poop kind. He clopped off some of his beard and now, it looks kinda creepy! He spent some time with his youngest daughter recently and she thinks it’s gross. She straight up told him that she’s choosing to look at his face! Matt […]