The mystery of the Murdaugh Murders continues with your favorite true crime podcasters: Matt Harris & Seton Tucker! Changes were made in Alex Murdaugh’s old law firm, and a will was revealed. We discuss that and more with our legal analyst, John Snyder. Plus, we talk with Professor John Blume, the director of the Cornell […]

Matt Harris & Seton Tucker dive deep in the Notorious Murdaugh Family Murders. Going over what’s fact and fiction of these mysterious Murders happening in South Carolina. In this episode Harris & Tucker ask the question: Did Alex Murdaugh receive special treatment at his bond hearing? Their legal expert, John Snyder, give his analysis. Plus, […]

Matt Harris & Seton Tucker are back with a new podcast episode on The Murdaugh Family Murders: Impact of Influence. On Episode 34 Harris & Tucker speak on details on Alex Murdaugh’s bond hearing. they talk to WSAV reporter Andrew Davis about Alex’s first statements since his wife and son were murdered. How much is […]

Guess who’s on Oxygen? Matt Harris, of the MATT & RAMONA MORNINGS, doing what he loves! Talking the Murdaugh Murders! He’ll be featured Oxygen’s Special, Alex Murdaugh: Death, Deception, Power.  Check out the trailer for the 2-hour event! Premieres Dec 12th 8/7c only on Oxygen! 

Keyboards flying, Russ got ran over and somehow Chris Cuomo continues to smile on this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona. Does that sound bizarre, well it is! Matt’s true crime podcast has rocketed. He got onto CNN’s Primetime with Chris Cuomo and totally messed up the end of the interview, giving Ramona […]

Have you been keeping up with the mysterious murders happening around the Murdaugh Family? It’s strange to say the least! The devil is in the details and Matt has been gaining national attention for the outrageousness of the Murdaugh Murders happening in the low country of South Carolina. Matt started “The Murdaugh Family Murders: Impact […]

  An appeals court has ordered that infamous ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic be given a lighter sentence for the murder-for-hire plot outlined in the hit Netflix docuseries. Joe Exotic – real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage, was given a 22-year sentence in 2020 for hiring people to kill his rival Carole Baskin. But on Wednesday, the court […]