New York

Billy Joel is getting a biopic. Jaigantic Studios will produce the flick, which is titled for the legendary musician’s “Piano Man” album. The project will cover Joel’s modest beginning as an artist, starting when his first manager, Irwin Mazur, discovered his talent as a 16-year-old. No word on who would play Joel in the performance. The […]

“Sex and the City” fans have a lot to say about the way things are going between Miranda and Steve in “And Just Like That.” Basically, everyone thinks Steve deserves better, and they are expressing their thoughts on Twitter.  One fan wrote, “Steve’s speech broke my heart into million pieces. He deserves so much more.” […]


New Yorkers were forced to go swimming when Tropical Storm Elsa dumped several feet of water into the city’s subway tunnels. Viral videos show passengers wading through waste-deep water to get to the subway.  Others used garbage bags to hop ‘potato sack race’ style across the platform. Incredibly enough, the subway service itself was mostly […]