Our sister station is celebrating 100 years on-air. That’s a big accomplishment and we are proud. The station continues to be a source for news on the go, even in the face of all the technology and on-line availability for news. WBT Radio first signed on to the airwaves in March 1922. It was […]

A disabled man, 44, is now in jail after the slowest getaway in the history of getaways! John Francis stole bank cards, cash and other goods from one home one night then 4 days later be tried to rob a young lady’s bedroom. Although, he had no luck with getting loot off her. He fled […]

  ….AND in the weird news of the day…and we can’t make this up…there’s a lot going on in the headline alone! A number of Saudi Arabia’s hottest camels have been barred from the country’s annual camel beauty contest after they were found to have violated the pageant’s drug policy, according to Saudi officials. A […]

  It happens to the best of us…you know you are tired, you get ready to go to bed but then you lay down and every thought that you could possibly have starts to make it’s way into your brain…..What you are making for dinner tomorrow, what you are wearing tomorrow, is there something you’re […]

Our hearts go out to the family of 13-year-old Loyalti Allah. Monroe Police have arrested four men accused of a drive by shooting that left her dead on Saturday night. Police think Loyalti was just sitting on a picnic table with friends when a black SUV drove by and someone inside opened fire. Although there […]

Britney Spears had more to say in court yesterday than we have heard in years, and it was heart-wrenching. The singer begged the judge to free her from the prison. Spears claims she is drugged with lithium and forced to have an IUD so to not get pregnant. Former Prosecutor Says Civil rights attorney, David […]

Khloe Kardashian speaks out after a leaked photo of her surfaced over the weekend, causing many on social media to comments and shame her appearance. On Wednesday, Khloe posted to her Instagram an untouched, unedited video, showing fans her unfiltered appearance. The unauthorized photo share online was quickly pulled by Khloe’s team, and publications were […]