Off Air

A new episode of the Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast dropped. We thought our producer, Squatch, had a tough nickname as a kid. You won’t believe the nickname Matt had in middle school. The sad part is, HE GAVE HIMSELF THE NAME! Plus, we discuss Matt’s problem with someone telling him, “so and so […]

After 19 years, WBTV’s Maureen O’Boyle is moving on to her next act. We had a chance to talk to Maureen the day of her last broadcast on WBTV. She talked about how she came home to Charlotte after 19 years on the national media scene. We discussed the stories that meant the most to […]

In the latest Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast, Matt exposes a street violinist scam. There is a national scam going on involving people pretending to play the violin to get money from good samaritans. We discuss what is happening, and where, in the Charlotte area, the fake violin virtuosos have been spotted.   Also; […]

In this episode, Ramona’s voice was shot and she was not feeling well. She tested negative, mulitble times, for Covid. That didn’t stop people from telling her terrible Covid anecdotes. It reminded her of how when someone is pregnant, people inist on telling the mom to be about their awful pregnancy story. Also; on this […]

Ramona hates her latest hairstyle and she says her hair fights her every morning. Side note: The hair pictured above is not the hair style she is currently hating, but she said just about any picture that was used of her would probably be a hairstyle that gave her some issue (poor woman). In the […]

In the latest Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast, Ramona tells the story of how she got into one of our co-workers heads. Our sister station. WBT, was doing a broadcast and invited Ramona to join them, she totally messed with the host, Bo Thompson. You will laugh out loud! Plus, we discuss the survey […]

A new Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast is ready to enjoy. Ramona’s sorority sisters say something about Matt that causes her to get grossed out. That’s part of our recap of  the Matt and Ramona, Jamison Realty,  Family Dance Party fundraiser for the Alzheimers Foundation. It is a real laugh out loud moment when […]

Matt's mini me and a very bizarre way to prove you are not an undercover police officer.

Bend it like Beckham! On this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona, Matt’s new cap has made a frenzy on the internet! To Bend or not to Bend is the question? Plus the world’s biggest potato isn’t a potato! Liar Liar, the farmers pants are on fire in this episode of OFF AIR!

That scary bridge Scooby-Doo has to cross, Ramona wasn’t have that on this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona! Jinkies! Ramona went outside for the weekend and there was danger at every corner! Matt thinks she’s ludicrous and we’re not talking the rapper! We were born to be wild on this episode of […]