Ozark Is Coming To An End But Spin-Off Might Be OTW? Ozark’s showrunner has just teased the possibility of a spin-off show. Chris Mundy said, “I’ve thought about it a little bit.” He continued, “If there were an organic way, I would never be closed to it.” MRC’s president of TV said, “I think Ozark itself […]

Ozark’s first part of the final season was released in January, and many fans are eager to see what will happen to Marty Byrde and the gang. The trailer for Part 2 of the final season has been released, and the second part of the season will premiere on April 29th on Netflix. Fans will […]

You can best believe that Julia Garner is a happy camper with the deal she just landed. The Inventing Anna and Ozark star along with her producing partner Rowan Riley have just signed a first-look deal with Tomorrow Studios.  In a statement, Julia said, “We are incredibly proud to be working with Tomorrow Studios.” Julia […]

If you’ve been on Netflix in the past month, you undoubtedly saw the trailer, if not the entire series of Inventing Anna. Well the real Anna Delvey has finally gotten around to watching the Netflix show based on her antics. And she’s saying that she wasn’t as bossy as the show made her seem.  Julia […]

Prepare for takeoff (and to binge this weekend). For fans of the Netflix drama, Ozark, today is the day the Byrdes take flight into their final season. Season 4 begins today (Friday) and is divided into two seven-episode arcs. One entertainment writer wrote that he counted at least three “WHOA” moments just in the first […]

  Fans are gearing up for season four of the highly acclaimed Netflix series, Ozark. The usual suspects return on January 21. Earlier today Netflix shared a sneak preview on social media and fans simply cannot wait. Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney) being tasked with having to broker an immunity deal between drug […]

  Teaser Released for Ozark Season 4, but you still have a bit of a wait. A teaser has been released for the fourth and final season of Ozark.  Netflix released a teaser trailer on Tuesday and also gave a premiere date of January 21, 2022. If you haven’t seen Ozark, the series follows Marty […]