A recent survey was done on passive aggressive phrases and behaviors. Almost all of those surveyed (99%) have experienced someone being passive aggressive and 82% admit to being passive aggressive themselves. If you live in the south beware of your co-workers and your mom! The south and northeast were rated the most passive aggressive regions […]

Phrases That Are DYING OUT! and the percentage of people that don’t know them… the numbers have us shook! A fly in the ointment (59%) A flash in the pan (57%) Knickers in a twist (56%) Dead as a doornail (55%) Flogging a dead horse (54%) Toe the line (54%) Drop them a line (53%) […]

If you’re still calling a Powerpoint, a Powerpoint then this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona is for you. Sounding OLD AF isn’t cool anymore and Matt goes thru some phrases that make you sound like POP POP. Plus Meghan Trainor and her husband have toilets right beside each other? Let us know […]