Dispatcher: “9-1-1 what’s your emergency?”  Florida Man: “I think i’ve been sold fake methamphetamine, please send police to check it for me.”  This is a true story that can only happen in the great state of Florida! Thomas Eugene Colucci isn’t playing around when it comes to his meth. He says he’s an experienced drug […]

Have you ever meet someone with your same full name? Well Ramona Holloway has and let’s hope her name doppelganger is doing great things in this world.  That wasn’t the case for Bethany Farber. Bethany was traveling to go first her brother and goddaughter when she was aggressively taken in by the TSA of the […]

A car crashed in Nicholasville, KY around 2:30 pm, in front of a Wendy’s! Just imagine you’re getting a frosty & fries and KABOOM, a car is upside down in front of you… Well that isn’t the weirdest thing to happen. Two people get out of the car and claim they both been kidnapped but […]

In Ohio, a man stole a white Audi and the way he was caught will BLOW. YOUR. MIND! When the thief stole the car he didn’t realize the owner of the car was in the backseat, sleeping. When the owner came to and realized what was happening… he texted 9-1-1 and informed the police what […]

#NEWSNUT w/ Matt Harris Whatcha goin’ do with all that junk? All that junk in your trunk? Well this lady has a surprise in her trunk.. Ladies & Gentlemen.. It’s BAMBI. Pennsylvania got stopped by Police for a DUI and they found a deer in her trunk! Apparently the lady hit the deer thinking she […]