Matt And Ramona: Off Air

The latest episode of the Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast is out. Ramona Holloway loves hair!  Wigs, faux ponytails, hair extensions of every length and texture, she loves it all. Sure, when she visits Philly this weekend she will see an Earth, Wind, and Fire concert and an Alicia Keys concert, but the highlight […]

“DON’T GIVE IN, DON’T GIVE IN!”. Have you ever told yourself that you won’t do something until you give in? That’s Ramona Holloway. On this episode of the Matt & Ramona OFF AIR Podcast, Ramona talks about how made purchases at Dollar Tree even though their prices have risen up and given less of the […]

Ramona had a story that involved a white woman, two gay black men and a HUGE TRUTH BOMB! Let’s just say not everyone can go running on a golf course all willy nilly! A lesson was learned but in the most hilarious way possible in Eric’s Funny Moment of The Day! Listen to the Matt […]

10 questions to ask yourself to see if a non-monogamous relationship is or isn’t for you Do I want sexual exclusivity with my partner? Do I feel sexual, romantic, and emotional desires toward people other than my partner? Does it “just feel natural” to pursue friendships and romantic relationships concurrently with more than one person? […]

A company called FinanceBuzz is willing to pay you $1,100 to spend 24 hours listening to breakup songs. Their sad playlist will have you up in your feelings with Taylor Swift and the queen of lost love herself, Adele. If you think you’re in the right headspace to handle it then you can apply for […]

MATT & RAMONA MORNINGS! It’s @EricKelleyII’s TTMR (That’s Totally Matt & Ramona) COUNTDOWN of 2021! Counting down the best episodes of OFF AIR podcast in 2021 w/ Matt & Ramona! Bringing in the NEW YEAR with the FUNNY! Here’s #4 Shrimp Free at Last  Shrimp Free At Last! Shrimp Free At Last! Thank God Almighty, […]

Have you been keeping up with the mysterious murders happening around the Murdaugh Family? It’s strange to say the least! The devil is in the details and Matt has been gaining national attention for the outrageousness of the Murdaugh Murders happening in the low country of South Carolina. Matt started “The Murdaugh Family Murders: Impact […]

Ava Max joined 107.9 The Link on International Women's Day to talk about how she uses her music to inspire women.