Match.com just put out its 12th annual “Singles in America” study on dating trends.  It’s massive, but we went through and cherry-picked the best stuff we saw.  Here are a few interesting stats on dating in 2022 . . . 1.  Dating now costs an average of $130 a month.  That includes $12 on dating app […]

In this episode of the Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast, we discuss if kissing is expected on the first date. Matt thinks if it’s she doesn’t want to make out she probably isn’t interested. Ramona says that’s ridiculous. She is not making out on a first date. They debate and you laugh. Plus, you […]

  A recent survey of 1,000 adults revealed that over half (54%) of those surveyed say they are still friends with an ex. On top of that, 17% say they are frineds with ALL their exes! The survey asked, if a relationship ended on good terms, would you rather remain friends or have a clean […]

Signs the person you love is truly your best friend 1. You trust one another completely. Just remember you should learn to trust each other more and more as the years go on. 2. You contact them immediately when something happens They are your “go to” for all news, good or bad 3. You both […]

In a perfect world couples would stay togecther because they loved each other deeply. Well, the world isn’t perfect, and divorce is not cheap. There are attorney’s fees, buying replacement items for the ones you lost in the divorce, paying bills by yourself, that all add up. The financial strain of divorce is the reason […]

Thousands of people took part in an online poll on what constitutes cheating in a relationship. Here are a few scenarios the poll asked about. 1.  Does kissing someone on the cheek count as cheating?  Only 7% say yes.  But 73% think kissing on the lips is definitely cheating.  3% even think it’s cheating when two […]

10 questions to ask yourself to see if a non-monogamous relationship is or isn’t for you Do I want sexual exclusivity with my partner? Do I feel sexual, romantic, and emotional desires toward people other than my partner? Does it “just feel natural” to pursue friendships and romantic relationships concurrently with more than one person? […]

What do you get when you have a Matt Harris with no caffeine and no meds. Well on this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona we got an unfocused and sad shell of a man who blurts way too much! We didn’t die tho! Also, we’re talking how to improve your relationship in […]

A company called FinanceBuzz is willing to pay you $1,100 to spend 24 hours listening to breakup songs. Their sad playlist will have you up in your feelings with Taylor Swift and the queen of lost love herself, Adele. If you think you’re in the right headspace to handle it then you can apply for […]

  Like It Or Not, The Internet Thinks These 21 Celeb Exes Should Get Back Together. (never mind that some are married to other people by now!) The rekindled romance of J.Lo and Ben Affleck has the internet wondering if other celeb exes could also get back together. A Twitter user posed the question, “what […]