A new poll for Halloween asked 1,000 Americans about the paranormal, and found almost one in five of us think we’ve seen a GHOST before. 19% of people say they’ve seen a ghost.  Here are a few more quick stats on things we’ve experienced but can’t explain . . . 1.  Most who’ve seen a ghost […]

#NEWSNUT w/ Matt Harris   Santa never gets stuck in the chimney, how come this guy did?   An intruder tried to break into a home by climbing thru the chimney. The homeowners heard a noise coming from inside the house around 3 am. Then heard it again at 5:30 am and recognized it as […]

According To New Study According to a recent study, “The Blair Witch Project” has the “highest scare score”. Holly Haze agrees!! “I don’t like scary movies to begin with, but this faux documentary left my heart racing. I was so scared”. The research consisted of analyzing reviews on IMDB for the top 25 highest-grossing horror […]