Matt wanted to talk about what people are spending their money on but somehow we ended up on get Max a new wardrobe! Ramona and myself lit up at the opportunity to help, then the tables turn with Ramona taking Max shopping! I wanna go shopping too! Matt suggest they’ll take me to therapy instead! […]

Why You Should Start Saving for Christmas in September Halloween hasn’t arrived yet but here we are talking about Christmas. But for a good reason-to help you save money. The National Retail Federation found that consumers spent a total of $798.4 billion during the 2020 season. Up from 8.3% the year before. Waiting until November […]

Survey reveals buying habits that occur when people have had too much to drink

Just when you thought you’d be able to walk off Thanksgiving dinner at Target, the chain has had a change of heart. Target made the announcement back in January, but many shoppers thought the retailer would have a change of heart.  In a statement, the chain says that the “positive response from being closed last […]