It’s really quite simple and sometimes right there in front of our faces. The importance of what we eat goes far deeper than weight loss and waist bands. Intestinal health, skin, hair, teeth, colon, etc. It all starts with the gut. This is why it is so important to know how to read labels, or […]

  A few months back, Holly Haze did a great blog about our largest organ: the skin. She explained the importance of really being mindful of what you put on your skin and ultimately into your blood stream. Holly dives right in…”Yes, this is the time of year that everyone starts flooding places with the […]

  Like many celebrities, Ellen DeGeneres is trying to decide her next business venture. She has already had great success with the pet food line called Halo, but now she will launch her own skincare line. Several celebrities have gone this route, like J Lo and Kristen Bell. The line consists of: Gentle cleanser A […]

  Miley Cyrus’ newest role as the Creative Advisor to women’s beauty and wellness company, “Hers,” has kicked off with a stunning photoshoot of the singer, songwriter, and actress, showing off her glowing skin. Miley kept it simple with her hair up in a baby blue towel, wrapped in a white robe with “Hers” anti-aging […]

  If you’ve ever wondered how someone gets “glowing” skin, we have some tips from the experts that can help you achieve that look. Exfoliate – Get rid of the dead skin cells for a smooth, hydrated look which will help natural light bounce off of the skin giving you that glow. Hydrate – So […]

Why it is important to know the quality of your water source.

    If someone gave you a glass of gasoline, would you drink it? How about paint? Or maybe some molten lead? Would you eat it? Call me crazy, but I am guessing the answer would be no. This past month, I’ve been focusing on healthy changes IN the body. Today it’s all about the […]