Recently, Netflix has announced a new interactive game show based on ‘Trivia Crack’ that will be called ‘Trivia Quest’. Each daily episode features 24 questions that viewers will need to solve from subjects like sports, science, entertainment, geography, etc. There will be questions from popular Netflix shows, which Netflix hopes to keep users on the […]

What’s next for Tom Brady? The big screen? Well, yes! Tom Brady To Star in A Comedy Movie Called ’80s For Brady’ Tom Brady will star and produce a move about himself called ‘80’s For Brady’. The movie will tell the story of four best friends and New England Patriots fans who take a trip […]

TJ Olsen,  the heart of Panther Nation, rang the bell yesterday at Levine Children’s Hospital. The son of former Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen was celebrating the best gift EVER. Nearly two weeks ago he received a new heart. Greg Olsen on Twitter“Since the day TJ was admitted into the ICU we talked about […]

Gymnast Simone Biles is on the cover of Glamour magazine. In a video for Glamour posted on YouTube she debunks some myths about gymnastics. Myth #1: all gymnasts are flexible. Simone said she and Aly Raisman are not flexible but flexible enough to accomplish what they need to. Myth #2: gymnastics is not a sport?!? […]

Panthers fans found out early this morning that they will open at home against the New York Jets in Week One, pitting newly-acquired QB Sam Darnold against his former team to begin the season. The season highlights include Cam Newton's return to Charlotte in Week Nine when the Patriots come to town, and also a second straight season pitted against former Panthers coach Ron Rivera and the Washington Football Team in Week 11.