Just when you thought you’d be able to walk off Thanksgiving dinner at Target, the chain has had a change of heart. Target made the announcement back in January, but many shoppers thought the retailer would have a change of heart.  In a statement, the chain says that the “positive response from being closed last […]

  Remember that old saying…one man’s trash…..wellllll ….A framed piece of art done by David Bowie was found in some trash. It seems it could fetch up to $12K! Someone purchased the painting for $5 at a donation center of a landfill in Ontario! The painting was part of a self-portrait series of Bowie’s and […]

  For many years I was vegetarian, and even vegan for a little bit. I made the mistake of thinking that was a healthier lifestyle for me without doing any of the research behind what that meant. Being a vegetarian or vegan does not always mean you are healthy. Ideally, it means you are consuming […]