While it might seem like the class clown might be covering up for other things…research shows kids who are the class clown have a higher intelligence level and are successful later in life. Do you remember who the class clown was in your class? Holly Haze remembers..yep, Holly was class clown. For those of you […]

    Dave Grohl was not the first drummer for Nirvana – and as he tells it, he wasn’t sure how long he’d be sticking around. In an interview with Vulture, Grohl says he once overheard Kurt Cobain telling bassist Krist Novoselic that he wanted a drummer that was “more rudimental”. Grohl admits that Nirvana […]

  Camila Cabello Debuts New Song During Tiny Desk Concert. During her NPR “Tiny Desk” concert, Camilla Cabello debuted a new song called “Las Buena Vida.” She also performed some fan favorites like “Havana,” Don’t Go Yet,” and “Senorita.” During the show, she revealed that she was dealing with a sinus infection. Cabello has had […]

We’ve all done it….The yo-yo diet. The elimination diet. The fad diet. The meals in boxes. The points. Most of the time, we’re doing it because a friend told us to do it. We have no idea what diet we’re even following, but so-and-so had success with it so, why not? What works for one […]