Sugar is EVERYWHERE and it is highly addictive and destructive. Sugar destroys the immune system and actually feeds cancer cells and other diseases.  Do you even know the actual amount of sugar you consume each day? Holly Haze lets you in on some secrets. “Sugars are added to most foods on the shelves and […]

Americans are some of the unhealthiest in the world. Our obesity rate is sky rocketing as well as the reliance on prescription drugs. According to experts, these are five of the unhealthiest habits in America right now. Consuming too much sugar, especially sweetened drinks like juice and soda. The American Heart Association recommends no more […]

  Eating breakfast has been found to lower your risk of diabetes, and lower your risk of a heart attack. 78% of people who eat breakfast everyday are able to lose weight and keep it off eat but not all breakfast foods are healthy options. According to “Eat This, Not That!” dietitians suggest you skip […]

The most important thing to focus on in 2022 is your own health. It will obviously help you and ultimately helps anyone around you, especially your family. Here is some good info to help your 2022 be a game changer. Preparing your own food goes a LONG way. Whether you are preparing meals for on […]

How many answers containing the Magic Word “SUGAR” could you nail in 60 seconds? 1  This makes the medicine go down 2  American college football game played in Louisiana 3  A sweet treat for horses 4  Versatile Christmas treat- bake `em in shapes like trees, stars and Santa 5  I’d like a kiss please 6  […]

Christmas Cookie season is here! Bakers are delivering sweet holiday memories by the batch. Does your favorite cookie suggest that you’re naughty or nice?   Snickerdoodle…most likely to show up in a cheesy Christmas sweater. Think adorable puppy in a Santa hat.  __________   Sugar Cookie… most likely to show up with a card stuffed with […]

    It’s Pumpkin Spice Latte season and just because it’s delicious doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious AND healthy. The healthiest PSL you can get is at Starbucks. Here’s how, order the drink with just one to two pumps of syrup and skim milk. You can also ditch the whipped cream….orrr if you love […]

Last week we talked about the danger of food dye and wanted to circle back around to the sugar content as promised. Too much sugar is one of the key components to cardiovascular disease, not to mention obesity and diabetes. Keep in mind that sugar is already naturally in most of the foods we eat, […]

  Recently, there were two separate posts here about children’s health. Holly Haze discussed childhood obesity and also ADD/ADHD. Besides sugar, the added ingredients with food coloring are being linked to many behavioral issues with our kids. Here’s why. Food dye was added into foods simply to make them LOOK more appealing. There is zero […]

  Earlier this week, Holly Haze posted a blog about the overweight and obese children epidemic.  If you haven’t had time to read it, it is eye-opening. Do you think your child is eating too much junk food?  They probably are, according to new research. You think? A new study published this week found that […]