The latest Matt and Ramona Off Air Podcast is out! In this episode the team talked about the 2022 trends that should be left behind in 2023. Listen and let us know if you agree. Plus, one morning Matt ate something from a pill bottle. He thinks it might have been a tooth. What? How? […]

“Last week I did a blog about fluoride and how harmful of a chemical it is. Someone sent me a message asking about chewing gum. I promise I’m not trying to take the fun out of everything that you do, but sometimes the truth hurts. Don’t shoot the messenger! The more research I did the […]

  Do you remember when they used to have dental day at school? They would give you the chewable red tablets and you chewed them up and if part of your teeth stayed red that meant you had a cavity! That treatment alone can cause fluorosis on teeth(those are 1000x more concentrated than toothpaste levels…why on earth […]