The House has approved legislation that could potentially ban TikTok in the U.S. The bill would require TikTok’s Chinese parent company ByteDance to sell off its U.S. operations, or else face a nationwide ban. The measure passed with bipartisan support 360-58 and now heads to the Senate. Even if the bill is signed into law, […]

Last week, the House of Representatives passed a bill that would ban TikTok in the U.S. But how exactly would that work? If the bill were to be into law, China-based parent company ByteDance would have six months to find a buyer – and TikTok would remain operational in the meantime. ByteDance would also likely […]


Universal Music Group (UMG) has announced that it will remove its entire music catalog from TikTok when its contract with the platform expires on January 31. UMG accuses TikTok of not paying fair value for the music and of failing to address issues such as copyright infringement, hate speech, and harassment. The company is also […]

North Carolina

A middle school in North Carolina has removed the mirrors from its bathrooms in an effort to prevent students from leaving class to film TikTok videos. Southern Alamance Middle School noticed an unusually high number of bathroom breaks and saw a significant decrease after removing the mirrors. The school aims to limit distractions and create […]

Montana has become the first state in the U.S. to ban TikTok. Gov. Greg Gianforte signed off on the bill on Wednesday. The ban will not punish TikTok users, but rather app stores and TikTok itself – with fines up $10,000 per day for allowing the app to be downloaded or accessed. The ban is […]

A Colorado couple with three children received a memorable anniversary surprise about 10 years into marriage. In March, real estate agent Celina Quinones shared a TikTok video that has since gone viral describing how she and her husband, Joseph, learned they were related. It was when the couple decided to work on their family tree […]


Police say a deadly crash that left four Buffalo teens dead might be linked to a TikTok challenge. On Monday morning, a stolen Kia with six teens inside crashed, killing four and leaving a fifth hospitalized in intensive care. Those that were killed ranged in age from 14-17 years old. Police say the incident could […]

Celebrity News

Within 24 hours of posting his first TikTok video, Johnny Depp reached 10 million followers. He picked up 3 million followers before posting any content. Once he posted a video thanking his fans he picked up 7 million more followers. Needless to say, his recent high profile defamation court drama with Amber heard certainly has […]

  HELP! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!!!! screams Ramona! On this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona, Ramona tried to make a tiktok that had her face down on the floor and she’s blaming Matt! Welp! Matt says it’s her fault for tripping and then the laughs came and keep on […]

You’re a new homeowner? Congratulations! You want to make renovations to make it feel more like you? Great! Lets knock down some walls! Are those hundreds of razor blades in my wall? Probably so. Homeowners are now discovering razor blades between their dry walls! Back in the day, when men didn’t have disposable blades, there […]