How many hours a day do you spend making decisions? How about 3 hours a day!  The crazy thing is that’s how much time is spent on only four daily decisions. Deciding what to have to eat, what time to go to bed and what to wear and watch are the big four. The most […]

*AHT AHT AHT*  another day, another dollar! We know you want to probably press the snooze button when it comes to daylight savings, but we’ve got tips and tricks on how you can get better sleep come 2 a.m. on Sunday! (March 13th).    1.Check your clocks!  If your clocks (watch, alarm clocks, etc.) don’t […]

  Time and time again you hear the excuse of cost being a reason to not eat healthier. This is grossly exaggerated. When you actually KNOW about nutrition, you will know this first hand. If you don’t know…here’s some help from Holly Haze. “If you shop the periphery of a grocery store and stay away […]