I have touched on this in previous blogs, but it bears repeating and further discussion. As consumers, we need to be aware of what we are purchasing if it is going in or on our body. I cannot stress this enough….research the brand and read the ingredients. Think about the things that your family touches. […]

  A while back Holly Haze did a blog about reading labels. The ingredients list on any given product can be daunting so she wanted to do a follow up regarding certain popular ingredients that are in almost everything and why you should stay clear of them. “The importance of knowing the ingredients is pretty […]

  Do you remember when they used to have dental day at school? They would give you the chewable red tablets and you chewed them up and if part of your teeth stayed red that meant you had a cavity! That treatment alone can cause fluorosis on teeth(those are 1000x more concentrated than toothpaste levels…why on earth […]

Why it is important to know the quality of your water source.