In this episode of the podcast, Impact of Influence: The Murdaugh Family Murders, Bombshells, and The Lafitte Trial, Week One The first week of the banker, Russell Lafitte, concluded. There were big revelations. Our legal analyst, John Snyder, breaks down the opening arguments, and the three witnesses that testified. Russell’s relatives testified and it did […]


Episode 80 of the Impact of Influence: The Murdaugh family Murders, Changes to the Murder Timeline, Source Refutes a Report Alex Murdaugh has been charged with murdering his wife and son. In a pre trial hearing on Alex Murdaugh’s double murder charges, a potential piece of the State’s evidence changes what we thought we knew […]


The latest episode of Matt’s true crime podcast dropped. In this episode of Impact of Influence: The Murdaugh Family Murders, we talk about SLED divers searching an area for evidence tied to the murders of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh. A local, Sarah Holstein, tells us all about the area being searched. Was it on the […]


Matt Harris’s true crime podcast, Impact of Influence: The Murdaugh Family Murders dropped a new episode. “Cousin” Eddie Smith was charged with money laundering, forgery, and criminal conspiracy, and trafficking meth. In addition, Smith and Alex Murdaugh were also indicted together on two conspiracy counts, including a narcotics count related to Oxycodone. On Labor Day, […]

Alex Murdaugh’s college roommate, attorney Corey Fleming, has been indicted for money laundering and assisting Alex in stealing money from the Satterfield family. We talk to reporter Riley Benson about Fleming’s hearing. Plus, another judge steps away from handling Alex’s jail phone call situation. A Hampton resident discusses how Hampton has been portrayed by the […]

Matt Harris & Seton Tucker Return with a new episode for the mysterious Murdaugh Family Murders! A solicitor requests Judge Carmen Mullen to be investigated in regards to her dealings with Alex Murdaugh. Should Alex’s phone calls have been made public? We break it down with our legal analyst.  

We talk with Riley Benson of WCBD, he was in the courtroom this week and breaks down the latest legal moves, and the sale of Moselle. Plus, he tells us what it was like being one of the first on the scene after the murder of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh. Plus, our legal analyst makes […]

The mystery continues as Matt Harris & Seton Tucker try to uncover the Murdaugh Family Murders in their newest episode. Our legal analyst, John Snyder, discusses the latest maneuvers over Alex Murdaugh’s assets. John explains a legal move that Alex might use to protect his son. Hampton bank CEO, Russell Laffitte, was fired for allegedly […]

Matt Harris & Seton Tucker are back with a new episode on The Murdaugh Family Murders, Impact of Influence! On this episode Alex Murdaugh faces a lot of new charges. That leads to more questions about where are the “missing” millions? Forensic accounting comes up a lot in the Murdaugh story, and the FBI agent […]

The mystery of the Murdaugh Murders continues with your favorite true crime podcasters: Matt Harris & Seton Tucker! Changes were made in Alex Murdaugh’s old law firm, and a will was revealed. We discuss that and more with our legal analyst, John Snyder. Plus, we talk with Professor John Blume, the director of the Cornell […]