If you want to change your career, Walmart says you can become a manager and make $400,000 annually. The chain also announced that you can make another $20,000 in stock grants if you become the manager of a Walmart Supercenter. According to CBS, Walmart moved after increasing its managers’ base pay to $128,000 from $117,000. […]

  As it struggles to fill available job openings, Walmart has announced a new policy in which it will cover 100 percent of college tuition for its employees. However, the plan doesn’t cover all colleges and universities. The country’s largest private employer will foot the bill for part-time and full-time employees attending one of the […]

  A former Walmart employee was arrested after Concord police said they crashed a car into the front doors of a store Friday morning. Concord Police tweeted, the crash happened at the Walmart store on Thunder Road near Concord Mills Mall. Concord police said the driver was a former employee who had been fired within […]