“Wednesday,” on Netflix, is wildly popular right now, but season 2 has still not been confirmed.  But one exec, Peter Friedlander, is hopeful one is coming.  He said, “You may know what I’m going to say — but I have nothing to confirm at this time. I am optimistic about Wednesday. We’ll leave it at […]

‘Wednesday’ Breaks Record For Most Hours Viewed Surpassing ‘Stranger Things 4’ The new series ‘Wednesday’ breaks the record for most hours viewed in a week for any English-language TV series on Netflix, surpassing ‘Stranger Things 4.’ Since its premiere on November 23, it has been viewed 341.2 million hours in over 50 million households. “Stranger […]

Now if this doesn’t crack you up, I don’t know what will! Matt’s “Would You Rather” Wednesday question came with an answer from Ramona that most would agree with. Would You Rather Sleep in a 7/11 dumpster or a Swamp….  Ramona & Eric went with a swamp cause you knows what you’ll find a 7/11 […]

Here’s what you missed today on Matt & Ramona in the morning! Would you rather Wednesday gets really interesting when Matt poses the question “Would you rather be with someone who is too sensitive or someone who is insensitive?” Comment below on which one you would rather choose!