Rarely-seen footage of the wreck of the Titanic is about to be released to the public. It was filmed in July of 1986, marking the first time humans had explored the Titanic since it sank in 1912. The wreck had been discovered just nine months earlier, more than 12,000 feet below the surface. 80-minutes of […]

Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ officially has 2 Billion YouTube Views. Rihanna hasn’t given us fans new music, but her older music is still doing big things.  Her “Diamonds” video officially has two billion YouTube views.  This is her first video as a solo performer to hit this milestone. She’s also had two duets, “This Is What You […]

  BTS’ ‘Butter’ Crosses 800 Million YouTube Views K-pop group BTS, sometimes called Bangtan Boys, is having its best year yet. The seven-member Korean boy band. The hit song by South Korean boy band “Butter” music video has officially had over 800 million views on YouTube. The video was first released on May 21, 2021. […]

In a pandemic world with zoom meetings.. we have a new disease… On this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona, Ramona has a case of FACIAL EXPRESSION MANAGEMENT DISORDER: (when you can’t control your face in a zoom meeting)! Matt tries to coach her to fix her face. PLUS! We’re talking the BILLION […]

Backstreet Boys have officially become exclusive members of YouTube’s billion views club with their classic video of ‘I Want it That Way’. Interestingly, this video was uploaded to the platform 10 years after it was released and averaged about 400,000 views per year. The other classic ’90s songs that are a part of this billion […]

Kylie Jenner Reveals It Takes Three And A Half Hours To Apply Her Makeup: “At The End I’m Happy” Kylie Jenner and her makeup artist, Ariel Tejada, talked about Jenner’s makeup routine in a new YouTube video. Jenner admitted that it takes three and a half hours for her makeup to be applied, which she […]