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Every Friday, Mix 107.9 showcases an available dog through the local shelter or area rescue. The situation at the city and county shelters is dire. Lack of funding, lack of staff, lack of space combined with dogs and cats being surrendered daily adds up to tough euthanasia decisions. In a few days, the shelter is going to lose 36 more kennels due to construction. They desperately need your help.

Meet the Mix 107.9 Furry Friday Friends of the Week!

First up, it’s Mr. Jefferson!!! (A1208871) He is the cutest 8 year old bull terrier mix (like the Target dog!) full of energy and weighs about 65 pounds. He loves chasing balls in the yard and loves chewing on durable toys and bones. He will never turn down a boat ride. He always wants to be around his people, but is also fine in his crate. He is most happy sitting or lying next to his humans. He likes other dogs and has done well at doggy daycare. He is house broken and easy in the car. He is even working one on one with a trainer to ensure he knows all the commands. We are also working on leash manners!

Then there is Jewel.(A1214837) She is a very sweet and playful 1.5 year old pittie mix and weighs about 54 pounds. Jewel LOVES toys and loves to play, but if you sit down, she will come sit with you! She is a love bug. Jewel is very smart and learns tricks quickly!!! She’s not a huge fan of the car yet, but that is an easy fix. Very dog friendly and likes to play A LOT! Curious about cats, but not aggressive. Settles down in a crate after a few minutes and it helps if you put a blanket over it.

Both of those perfect dogs are available at @animalcare&control