Celebrity News

The Lovin’ Life Music Fest has released its official lineup. The event will make its debut in Uptown Charlotte this year from May 3 to May 5. The Avett Brothers, The Fray, Allen Stone, Ripe, Lily Fitts, Holly Humberstone, Ax & the Hatchetmen, Weston Estate, The Aces, Anees, Infinity Song, Nightly, and Artikal Sound System were […]

If you are waking up to an SOS mode on your cell phone, you’re not alone. According to, over 30,000 outage incidents were reported with AT&T’s service around 4:30 a.m. ET. Impacted cities included Charlotte, Honolulu, San Francisco, Houston and Chicago, the website showed. Large swathes of the U.S. were hit by a cellular […]

NASA is looking for volunteers to sign up as a ‘Martian Astronaut’. You won’t actually be going to Mars, but instead spend a year inside a simulated Mars colony. Volunteers will be part of a four-person crew living inside a 1,700-square foot habitat inside Houston’s Johnson Space Center, where you’d carry out various tasks meant […]


Following the co-founder Dan Wade’s death in an accident on Tuesday, Wooden Robot Brewery in Charlotte has temporarily closed both of its taprooms. The brewery shared the news on social media, “We share this news with an incredibly heavy and sad heart.” “We are all still in shock and need time to process everything, but […]


A dead 5,000-pound satellite launched by the European Space Agency is expected to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere and crash down onto the planet Wednesday. That’s the word from the agency’s Space Debris Office, which has been monitoring the journey of the ERS-2 satellite. It says the piece of space junk should make its re-entry at about […]

New technology called A.D.B. (adaptive driving beam) is being used in cars around the world to improve headlight visibility and reduce blinding high beams for oncoming drivers. U.S. safety regulators recently allowed the technology in 2022, but American regulations make it challenging for automakers to implement due to the high cost. A.D.B. shapes headlights to […]

A casting agency is seeking extras for an upcoming TV series, “The Hunting Wives,” filming in Charlotte this spring. The show stars Malin Åkerman and Brittany Snow and is based on a novel by May Cobb. Submissions should be sent to with photos and detailed information. The agency is also looking for specific experience […]

North Carolina ranks 9th in the nation for romance scams, with 422 victims losing $18 million in 2022, according to the FBI. The rise in romance scams is attributed to the use of artificial intelligence and deep fake technology by scammers. Victims like Lara Miller in Hickory, NC shared their experiences of being manipulated for […]


Taylor Swift gave $100,000 to the family of the Kansas City radio DJ killed at the Chief’s victory parade. Two teenage gunmen opened fire in the crowd in a ‘personal argument’ that escalated, killing Lisa Lopez-Galvan, 44. Nine children and 21 others were hurt. Taylor gave the Lopez-Galvan family’s GoFundMe two $50,000 gifts. The family […]

IKEA is set to open a new, smaller store in south Charlotte, offering interior design advice and furniture delivery services. Some shoppers are curious about the impact on traffic and the overall experience in a smaller space. Despite a decrease in home furnishings spending, IKEA had a record year in sales and aims to maintain […]