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Recently, Miley Cyrus shared more about her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, and what flaw they both share. Miley said to David Letterman when he asked if she thought Billy was a ‘hero’ to her, “I mean, honestly, my mom is my hero.” She continued, “My dad had a really rough childhood, and my childhood – […]

Joey Chestnut won’t compete in Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest over a deal with rival brand Impossible Foods, a company that produces plant-based substitutes for meat products. Major League Eating released a statement saying, “We are devastated to learn that Joey Chestnut has chosen to represent a rival brand that sells plant-based hot dogs rather […]

Rihanna always turns heads, and this past weekend was no exception. In recent months, she has been the subject of pregnancy rumors, especially after giving birth to her second son in August. Recently, Rihanna was spotted in a large fur coat, clutching her purse over her stomach on a warm day in New York City, […]

Billie Eilish released the music video for her song “Chihiro” from her new album “Happier Than Ever” on June 6. She directed the video herself, just like she did for her previous video for the song “Your Power.” In the video, she and her co-star Nat Wolff are seen running away from each other through […]

Dolly Parton announces Broadway musical based On Her Life The country icon is bringing her life story to the stage. “I’ve been writing my life story as a Broadway musical for several years and I’m proud to announce we are finally developing ‘Hello, I’m Dolly – An Original Musical’ for the Broadway stage,” Parton announced […]

Taylor Swift has come to Lady Gaga’s defense against “invasive and irresponsible” remarks about her body. Swift made a statement after rumors suggested Gaga might be pregnant, saying, “Commenting on a woman’s body is invasive and irresponsible. Gaga doesn’t owe anyone an explanation, and the same goes for all women.” Gaga addressed the rumors on […]

Pat Sajak recently revealed why he chose to depart from Wheel of Fortune. He expressed, “I’ve often said, and you’ve heard it dozens of times, that I’d prefer to leave a few years too early rather than too late.” He elaborated, “Could I continue? Sure. I believe I could for a bit longer. However, there […]

Jennifer Lopez is not hitting the road this summer after all. She has decided to cancel her planned tour outright, even before it starts. According to Live Nation, the “THIS IS ME…LIVE” tour,  which was supposed to get underway in June and run through August, has been completely scrapped. A source says JLo is “taking […]

Adele could be an excellent choice for the reality competition. Katy Perry is reportedly leaving the show to focus on her family and music career, and Adele may step in for similar reasons. “Adele has been concentrating on starting a family with Rich [Paul, her boyfriend of three years] and prefers not to tour simultaneously,” […]

Tina Knowles, the mother of Beyoncé and Solange, shared a heartwarming story with Vogue about Beyoncé standing up to bullies to defend a friend during childhood. In a 2003 interview with Oprah, Beyoncé said other kids mocked her about how huge her ears were. She chuckled, so it seemed she’d accepted it. Knowles also praised […]