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Man Refill and filling Oil Gas Fuel at station. Gas station - refueling.

Source: kckate16 / Getty

Gas prices are off to a promising start in 2024.

According to the website, prices have dropped below $3 in much of the U.S. The average gas price in Charlotte and North Carolina falls around the same price of  $2.97 a gallon for regular.

There’s a window of opportunity over the next six weeks” for the national average to dip below three bucks a gallon, which last occurred in May of 2021, analyst Patrick De Haan said Tuesday.

The current national average is $3.10 per gallon, but the median price is $2.79 and could drop lower in the coming weeks.

Experts expect gas prices to start climbing again as we approach the summer months. Seasonal considerations include a relatively low demand for gas during the post-holiday travel season. Lower gas prices often end in mid to late February when refineries begin maintenance and switch to cleaner, more expensive blends.

Do you pay daily attention to gas prices?