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In response to Kelly Clarkson’s recent comments about Sofia Vergara’s upcoming Netflix series Griselda, the 51-year-old actress shot back, saying, “What? Are you crazy?”

Vergara and Clarkson discussed her transformation and Kelly was saying that it looked as though there was very little done to turn her into the “Godmother.”

In a video clip from The Kelly Clarkson Show that was posted on the show’s TikTok account, Kelly said, “This is incredible… I feel like they only changed your nose or something.” Sofia was taken aback. “No, Kelly, it was hours. They did a lot to me!

It was teeth. It was a wig. It was my nose. It was plastic from here to here!” exclaimed Sofia. “It was a wig! Shut up. It was a wig. It was a lot!”

Who do you think was a better Griselda Blanco?

Sofia Vergara or Catherine Zeta-Jones?