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Big Machine Label Group Showcases Talent at 2024 Country Radio Seminar in Nashville

Source: Jason Kempin / Getty

Garth Brooks is speaking out about Beyonce’s country success.  He said, “Everybody’s welcome in country music, and that’s what I love about it. So, in our era, if you want to go back to where we were at, Kenny Rogers came over from pop, if you remember, right? He became one of the biggest country artists ever. Taylor Swift went from country to pop the other way and became one of the biggest artists ever.” Garth added, “I think it’s a music thing. The one thing we have always done is draw borders; we create them. The United States created a border, but they’re not there. But, for us to understand and feel safe, I think we have to put labels on people. So the fact that some music transfers over to other ones, and we’re all scratching our heads, is because the labels are the laws that we put there. But they weren’t originally there.” What do you think about Beyonce doing country music?