Pandemic work life still isn’t back to what we remember as normal. Some of us haven’t been to an in person meeting in over 18 months. When we do we’re often met with creepily vacant hallways. Socializing with coworkers isn’t what it used to be. Will there even be a holiday party this year?
Here are the top 4 things Ramona Holloway is grappling with at MIX 107.9. Are you having the same issues?
Video  Meetings

Zoom and Teams gained in popularity during the pandemic and probably aren’t going away. On the up side that means convenience. Everything from therapy to your women’s group might not require you to leave your home, but good old fashioned conference calls didn’t require you to comb your hair.
Big Earrings and Masks 

They are not friends… add glasses and its a whole frustrating mood.  Hoops are cute but if you’re masking up studs are far less dangerous for your piercings
Uncomfortable Heels
Lots of us ditched heels because we weren’t leaving the house. Cute shoes didn’t get more comfy while we weren’t wearing them and its tough to go back to something that just doesn’t feel great.
Remote Work
Toting work computers and files gets cumbersome