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Close up of a cooking pan with shakshuka, empty plate, fresh parsley and gluten free bread.

Source: Marco Di Stefano / Getty

As the year winds down, Forbes is looking forward to 2023.  To do so, they are sharing the food trends that they think will dominate the new year.  One trend there will be more of is artificial intelligence. They said, “Beyond robot servers or cooks, look out for AI’s growing impact on dining.” There will also be a lot of private dining clubs.  Forbes states, “These clubs [are] food-and drinks-centric venues geared for those who can shell as much as $500,000 for membership – plus a hefty monthly payment on the actual food, drinks, and services.” Also, in 2023, they say the plant-based industry will cool down, and people will pick up food more and get meals delivered less.

What will be your own personal food trends in 2023?