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You have to wonder what led to Scott getting into it with other boat goers on a yacht. Also that's the most millionaire kind of way to get arrested. Just sayin.'

The first day of summer is here just as a massive heat wave has taken over much of the Eastern United States this week.

While Diddy remained defiant and maintained his innocence (even after immediately settling out of court), the release of the video of him kicking and dragging Cassie was the nail in the coffin for whatever was left of his reputation and even his career.

Brendan Paul has pleaded not guilty to possession. 

Don Lemon shares details of his new show, the fallout with CNN, and his tense interview with Elon Musk with PEOPLE.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Dunkin’ commercial for the Super Bowl was one of the funniest spots of the big night, but we didn’t think it would lead to the sales of the tracksuits that Ben and Matt Damon wore in the commercial. According to TMZ, that’s exactly what happened. After the spot […]

Sam Bankman-Fried could face over 100 years in prison according to federal sentencing guidelines, although experts expect less time.