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Ramona shares a story of how angry she was when she and one of her good friends decides to visit a retail store. They come across an employee at the retail store who was very rude and disrespectful by assuming they couldn’t afford something, not to mention she asks Ramona a very sensitive question!

After only doing his True Crime podcast since June of 2021, Matt has been getting a lot of attention for his podcast. Yesterday Matt made a special appearance on CNN to talk about it. However Ramona noticed something happened towards the end & Matt explains what took place, only in a MATT HARRIS fashion.

On this segment of the Matt & Ramona Show, there is a weird yet funny discussion about a mans nipples. Lately Ramona has been seeing a large number of men posting on social media with their nipples out. There are even different shirts that will allow a man to show his nipples. Check out this […]

On today of the Matt & Ramona show, Ramona shares a funny story about funerals. She talks about how her mother Wheezy wouldn’t hold back on her comments when they would visit funerals. If you weren’t looking right in that casket, wheezy was going to let it be known!!

Fans and the city of Charlotte were excited to not only have football back on Sundays, but to also see the panthers get the win. However for this segment Ramona is disappointed on how the Male cheerleaders for the panthers were dressed up in uniform. Take a listen as she gives her thoughts on why […]

Have you ever sent your spouse/partner to the grocery and got frustrated with them because they didn’t know what to get even though you sent them the grocery list? Listen to Matt’s story as he talks about how his wife Amy sending him to the store and not knowing what kind of groceries to get […]

Thank You to all the listeners and supporters that tuned in today to the Matt & Ramona show for our tribute to the late great Louise “Wheezy” Glover. Check out this classic audio clip of Wheezy joking with both Matt & Ramona and also old cast members from the Mix 107.9

Ramona finally makes her appearance back on the Mix 107.9 after the loss of her mother Louise “Wheezy” Glover. Ramona expresses her gratitude to the radio station and all of her friends, family and fans that have showed her support through this very difficult time. Tune in for the Matt & Ramona Show from 6am-10am […]

On this segment from the Matt & Ramona Show, Matt tells a funny story of hearing a bird outside while at home. He tells producer Squatch to play the audio clip, and Matt explains what freaked him out is that he that the bird was a person saying “Oh My God!”

On this segment of Intimate Issues on the Matt & Ramona Show, Eric talks about ways that you can wake up your spouse/partner in a very special way. Matt and Brigida Mack share their opinions on Eric’s options that he gave.