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Have you ever bought something that you saw on TV only for the product to not work like you thought it would? Matt and Ramona has and on this episode of the OFF AIR Podcast you’ll hear about some of the worst infomercials ever and a silly story of yours truly, Matt Harris. Join us […]

Alex Murdaugh gave up his right to any interest In his wife’s estate. That includes the Moselle property where Maggie and Paul were murdered. Over a month ago, our legal analyst predicted that would happen. We talk about the what it all means. Plus, our coverage catches heat. Check out all of Harris & Tucker’s […]

Meet one of the happiest guys in the world. You go on vacation but he lives there!    Mario Salcedo has been living on a cruise ship for 20 years and he loves it. Imagine, no mortgage, no car payment or light bill… sounds like the life! Ship crew members have even given him the […]

*AHT AHT AHT*  another day, another dollar! We know you want to probably press the snooze button when it comes to daylight savings, but we’ve got tips and tricks on how you can get better sleep come 2 a.m. on Sunday! (March 13th).    1.Check your clocks!  If your clocks (watch, alarm clocks, etc.) don’t […]

Infomercials can be great but about the ones that are God awful! Matt breaks down these three TERRIBLE infomercials we never need to witness again. Kinoki: Pads at the bottom of your feet that was “suppose” to get toxins out of your body   The Shake Weight! Seriously, it just shakes.. that’s it.   and […]

If you suffer from Arachnophobia, a fear of spiders,  its going to be a scary season for you! Giant spiders are coming our way this spring! The University of Georgia is warning us about an invasive species called Joro spiders.  UGA says the golden webs of the bright yellow, blue-black and red spiders will be clinging to  power lines, trees and your front […]

Sybil Hicks passed away in 2019 from Alzheimer’s and her kids made her the craziest, in first person, obituary you will ever read! One line reads “I finally have the smoking hot body I have always wanted… having been cremated,” SO just imagine what the rest of this obituary said! The kids said that this […]

You’re killing me SMALLS! That’s Matt approach to parenting on this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona! Matt can’t find anything and his family doesn’t help so instead of him being nice, he decides to be petty to his kids! Who does that?? Learn how to treat your kids on this petty parenting […]

How many times is too many times. Well this 18 year old kid has no idea because he’s been arrested 8 times! Yes we said 8 times! Kahill Reeves has now been arrested 8 times in 2022 and it’s only March. Erie County Distract Attorney says these arrest have happened in less than 2 months. […]

You two wash your face, brush your teeth, get under those warm covers and fall asleep. Then all of a sudden….. HRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOO!!! WTF???  It’s your partner snoring and it’s SOOOOO LOUD! How would you describe the sound? Here are some of the descriptions, by others, that say their partners sounds like: Saw Drill  Darth Vader  […]