According to insiders at Warner Bros. Amber Heard’s character Mera will be cut and recast in the new ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ During testimony in her the defamation case brought against her by Johnny Depp, she admitted she was unsure if she would make the final cut of the film, and the Head of […]

  Jason Momoa has tested positive for COVID-19 while on the set of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. “Jason is feeling fine luckily and is now isolating after getting a positive test. But it’s a real headache for the film’s bosses, who are now worrying about having to delay their tight filming schedule,” said a […]

  Jason Momoa Going Blonde for ‘Aquaman 2’!! Hello! When Aquaman 2 hits theaters you’re going to see a different Jason Momoa.  The actor has revealed that for the second film he will be going blonde.  “This is the last day of the brown hair,” Momoa said in a video before filming started in London. […]