BTS’s oldest member, Jin will begin military service soon, their agency revealed Monday (October 17). The group’s seven members will all fulfill their requirement to serve and not seek any further delays or special exemptions, BigHit Music said in a statement. The oldest member of the group, Jin, who is 29-year-old, has put off his […]

  BTS’ ‘Butter’ Crosses 800 Million YouTube Views K-pop group BTS, sometimes called Bangtan Boys, is having its best year yet. The seven-member Korean boy band. The hit song by South Korean boy band “Butter” music video has officially had over 800 million views on YouTube. The video was first released on May 21, 2021. […]

The American Music Awards were held on Sunday evening (November 21st)

BTS has reportedly made an insane amount of money this year just from advertising. The 7 member South Korean K-pop sensation has struck gold in the US after gaining popularity in their home country. Entertainment Company Live says they’ve come in at number one out of all the celebrities who make money with advertising. Right […]

British influencer, Oli London, has had 18 surgeries and spent $150,000 over several years.

  Are Coldplay and BTS Collaborating? The Internet is buzzing about a possible Coldplay and BTS collaboration.  A MatchLyric page posted the words to the alleged project yesterday and fans went wild. The new song is reportedly called ‘My Universe.’ Coldplay just recently released their song ‘Higher Power’ which of course brings rumors of a […]