For a show in New York last week, Walker Hayes brought all six of his kids on stage.  They helped him do the TikTok dance for his song, “Fancy Like.” Fans loved the moment and talked about it on social media.  One wrote, “Love how @walkerhayes makes it a family affair. His kids doing the […]

BTS has reportedly made an insane amount of money this year just from advertising. The 7 member South Korean K-pop sensation has struck gold in the US after gaining popularity in their home country. Entertainment Company Live says they’ve come in at number one out of all the celebrities who make money with advertising. Right […]

  Last week we could not get enough of Walker Hayes performing a cute dance to his hit song “Fancy Like” with his oldest child, Lela, on TikTok. The TikTok dance party went viral. Well this week he did it again. The country star made a TikTok video in his kitchen with his wife and […]

The 30th season of Dancing with the Stars is upon us and one of the contestants is Sporty Spice (Mel C). Wait, sporty spice in fancy dresses? This will be epic! Mel C was spotted making her way to the ABC studios where DWTS is filmed. The Spice girl is in good company this season […]