Recently, Netflix has announced a new interactive game show based on ‘Trivia Crack’ that will be called ‘Trivia Quest’. Each daily episode features 24 questions that viewers will need to solve from subjects like sports, science, entertainment, geography, etc. There will be questions from popular Netflix shows, which Netflix hopes to keep users on the […]

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone except, ME, Eric Kelley II! We played Magic Word On-Air and today’s word: LOVE! How did I miss “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” as one of the answers! The gays are going to my rainbow card as Matt & Ramona cracks up at me on Eric’s Funny Moment of The […]

Budweiser Gets The Emotions Going with Clydesdale-Canine Super Bowl Commercial The new Budweiser ad premiered during the TODAY show Wednesday morning. This years commercial is titled “A Clydesdale’s Journey.”  The ad features a dog and horse who both experience sadness while being separated from one another after the Clydesdale is injured.  By the end of […]

The struggle bus is an understatement! We played feud today and NONE OF US could get this one! Expression with the word “High” in it… you won’t believe the actually answers and the answers given… Trust me, we’re a pathetic bunch today! Come and catch a laugh! We’ll see you tomorrow 6a-10a on the NEW […]

How many answers containing the Magic Word “SUGAR” could you nail in 60 seconds? 1  This makes the medicine go down 2  American college football game played in Louisiana 3  A sweet treat for horses 4  Versatile Christmas treat- bake `em in shapes like trees, stars and Santa 5  I’d like a kiss please 6  […]

Matt has been Ramona’s work wife for over 20 years. He’s even read Mona’s Essence magazines so needless to say, he knows a little something something about black people. So Ramona decided to play a game! She found an average white man named Brad and created The Average White Guy Game! Let’s see if Mattman […]

  Like many, Aaron Rodgers is not a fan of woke and cancel culture.  The Green Bay Packers quarterback talked about being a target after his controversial words during the Bears game.  He said, “There’s a PC woke culture that exists, and there’s a cancel culture at the same time. And it’s based on people’s […]

Between the ever so popular band BTS and the hit Netflix show Squid Game, they are both causing a huge interest in people learning Korean.  You heard right, tutors are seeing an increase in students that want to learn the language and it’s all because of their obsession with Squid Game.  The language app Duolingo […]