If you think Apple’s product prices are getting out of hand, they agree and have announced products that will be better for your wallet. Today Apple announced new budget iPhones, iPads. and Mac desktop computer during its “Peek Performance” virtual event.  True to a report in January, Apple revealed the low-end 5G iPhone SE and […]

Recently, Netflix has announced a new interactive game show based on ‘Trivia Crack’ that will be called ‘Trivia Quest’. Each daily episode features 24 questions that viewers will need to solve from subjects like sports, science, entertainment, geography, etc. There will be questions from popular Netflix shows, which Netflix hopes to keep users on the […]

  Here is something to consider before you lend your phone to a stranger. Rob Gilliam of Charlotte (NC) is out almost $45 hundred after lending his phone to a stranger in a bar. Most people will let someone use their phone out of kindness, but this may make people think twice. Apps are so […]