Researchers are saying the human brain has a bed time–even if you don’t! The human brain was not meant to stay awake past midnight. A recent study found that those who stay up past midnight tend to have changes to their brain that impact how they interact with the world. They may view the world […]

  Last year, poison control centers in the United States received more than 52,000 calls about melatonin overdoses in children — a new record, health officials say. The overdoses, which represent a startling 600 percent increase over the number of juvenile melatonin poisonings from a decade earlier, resulted from kids getting a hold of the […]

You two wash your face, brush your teeth, get under those warm covers and fall asleep. Then all of a sudden….. HRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOO!!! WTF???  It’s your partner snoring and it’s SOOOOO LOUD! How would you describe the sound? Here are some of the descriptions, by others, that say their partners sounds like: Saw Drill  Darth Vader  […]

Americans are some of the unhealthiest in the world. Our obesity rate is sky rocketing as well as the reliance on prescription drugs. According to experts, these are five of the unhealthiest habits in America right now. Consuming too much sugar, especially sweetened drinks like juice and soda. The American Heart Association recommends no more […]

Scientist say that the one thing that sabotage most relationships is SLEEP! Not getting enough sleep with wreck a relationship! You know what else will… Matt Harris! Check out why we’re laughing so hard in Eric’s Funny Moment of the Day. We’ll see you on Monday! 6-10a on the NEW MIX1079!

  It happens to the best of us…you know you are tired, you get ready to go to bed but then you lay down and every thought that you could possibly have starts to make it’s way into your brain…..What you are making for dinner tomorrow, what you are wearing tomorrow, is there something you’re […]

We’ve all done it….The yo-yo diet. The elimination diet. The fad diet. The meals in boxes. The points. Most of the time, we’re doing it because a friend told us to do it. We have no idea what diet we’re even following, but so-and-so had success with it so, why not? What works for one […]

  Let’s talk about Magnesium. We’ve all heard of it…it’s an element we know we need, yet most of us are deficient. Holly Haze explains why, “We used to be able to get this mineral in good, clean water; however, over time, city water systems have filtered it out. In addition, many people have been […]